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Keith McCabe is a professional Magician and Balloon Modeller from Co. Monaghan. With over 20 years experience in kid’s entertainment under his belt, he has performed all over the country and abroad. Keith has performed at every type of event from small private children’s parties to large scale corporate events and even spent a Summer in Salou, Spain working as resident Magician in ‘House Of Illusion’ where he performed over 300 shows. Keith worked alongside Matt Edwards from Britains Got Talent in 2017,so he learnt a lot from Matt. Based in Co. Meath, Keith performs magic for both adults and children, working mainly in the north east of Ireland (Meath, Louth, Cavan and Monaghan ). Keith’s Magic show for kids uses an amazing blend of comedy, gags and close up Magic which is designed to get the audience involved and keep them engaged while laughing all the way through. Booking a seasoned professional children’s Magician like Keith is one sure fire way of making your kid’s birthday party or private party a truly special and memorable occasion. Your guests will be amazed!! Keith is also very experienced in performing magic for adults with his Stand-up Magic show in front of an audience like a children’s Magic show but with adults. The Adults magic Show is full of Comedy and Laughter with his Signature magic Cup and Ball trick that took six months to perfect that everyone will talk for ages after.

No.1 for Kid’s Magician in Leinster and Ulster!!

Family Magic Show available for all types of parties including:

  • Communion & Confirmation Parties
  • Corporate Functions
  • Christmas Parties
  • Children’s Parties
  • Private Parties
  • Weddings

Children’s Magic Show Leinster & Ulster

The perfect kid’s Magician and Balloon Modeller in Meath and surrounding areas…

My Children’s magic show includes magic tricks and balloon modelling with background music.

The shows are suitable from ages 5+, The magic is easy to follow. There is loads of audience participation in the shows because young children don’t want to just watch…. they want to be involved, which is fine by me. Some of my routines end with the Magic moment happening right in the kid’s hands.. this really blows them away. In other cases the child gets to be the Magician, causing the Magic to happen with a wave of the wand.

No.1 Children’s Magician and Balloon Modeller in Leinster & Ulster!

The magic show is split into two sections, Balloon Modelling for all the children as each child gets a different model. While the balloons are been made there is disco music playing. Finished with the Magic Show with a big finish that the children say is the best Magic Trick. This can be tailored to your specific needs. The children will watch in amazement as I defy gravity with normal objects, make objects disappear and reappear, magic wands and much more.

No.1 Balloon Modeller

Keith is also a very skilled Balloon Modeller and is always working on new Balloon Models and in the magic show each child gets a different Balloon. The balloon Models include, Balloon model Games like Bow & Arrow and Minions. Balloon Models includes Unicorn’s, T-Rex, Monkey on Palm Tree, Motor Bikes, Pikachu, and much more.

No.1 Balloon Modeller in Meath, Cavan, Monaghan and Louth.

Wedding entertainment for Children in the Leinster and Ulster area!

Now there’s an idea! – For many of us, attending a wedding is a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and family members. This can be quite a difficult task when you consider that this is also an opportunity for all of the kids to get together. It’s not so easy to relax and have a conversation with an old friend when you’ve got so many kids running around. Kids get bored quickly at weddings since usually all of the entertainment at weddings is focused on catering for the adults. Well here is the perfect solution to this problem…

Wedding entertainment for Children in the Ulster and Leinster area!

Why not book a Kid’s Magic Show for your upcoming wedding? This is an excellent, tried and proven method for keeping children entertained at weddings. There will be no kids running around. There will be no bored kids. For the duration of the Magic Show, you will know exactly where all of the kids are.. sitting still, glued to the performance and having a great time. This gives the adults plenty of time to relax, have a drink and a good old chin-wag with some old friends!

Wedding Gift Idea

Booking a Kid’s Magic Show for a friend’s wedding makes a great wedding gift. Relieve some of the stress for everyone on the big day while making the day an enjoyable and memorable one for the kids too!

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